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Welcome to Sparta

Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail

Elroy Sparta Trail Embossed

America's first rails to trails project, featuring 32 miles of crushed limestone path and three large stone train tunnels - one boasting 3/4 mile in length.  Click here for more information.

Upcoming Events


Driftless Destinations

Come check out our new motorcycling website for regional wide rides, attractions, shopping and so much more! To check out our site please click here



Our Mission

Our Mission:  Welcoming Businesses, Unifying the Community,  Creating Possibilities.  


Our Vision:  We will take time to pause to envision a future for our region as it should be.  We will create plans and seek collaborations that help make our vision a reality.  We will communicate our vision clearly, and empower others to act in order to achieve results.